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What started as an idea from two fine individuals, has came into fruition for fashion savvy women all around the globe. Alvy Luxe is an online fashion brand that is always on trend, and pushing the envelope for more and dope pieces. We pride ourselves on the ability to empower our customers to be confident and express their sense of style with out speaking. Alvy Luxe is dedicated to fashion, style, and making our customers look and feel FINE, DOPE and SEXY AF! Through great aesthetics and high quality passion for each piece that is designed. Chill and relaxed one day to active and sexy the next, we know your style changes with your mood, so we make sure we've always got something for you and keep you on point. Alvy Luxe is for a life, lived at a fast-pace. Designed to look good, feel good and perform all day, every day.

Our philosophy is focused around the quality design and development while embedding fashion forward, comfortable and functional pieces designed to take you anywhere to the street and hot spots. The brand echos a sense of pure quality and celebrates a positive way of life.

Don't Speak, Your Style Says who you are.


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