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Women’s Bikershorts, Biker Rompers, And Other Closet Staples

Alvy Luxe

Posted on January 19 2021

Our favorite looks of 2020 are some of our closet staples. We’re taking the women’s biker shorts trend with us into 2021 along with other on-the-go streetwear that’s stylish yet functional. Alvy Luxe’s always sleek and stylish collection is some of your best casual streetwear for a new year. Some of our best Instagram photos are in our Alvy Luxe biker shorts and cropped tanks. 

biker rompers


We love biker rompers and bodysuits because they’re effortless yet stunning. We wore them just about everywhere we went in 2020. This super sexy, all in one look is available in tons of colors and styles on our website. Some are more street sport and some are more glam, but they’re comfortable and versatile to fit anybody for all street-sport occasions. 

When designing our rompers, we went with a stretchy, street-sport fit that’s designed to be comfortable and easy to throw on. Streetwear fashion can be as complex or as simple as you want, and that’s what we love about it. 

Our current rotation of biker rompers includes our ultra-sleek and shiny looks like the Avalon Romper, the Cody Romper, and the Neo Burgundy Romper. These sets give off the raceway vibes of formula 1 racing. They’re meant to be sexy and stunning. Show them off anytime you step out this season and be sure to tag @alvyluxe in your Instagram pics!  

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