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Spaghetti Strap Bodysuit for Different Styling Options

Alvy Luxe

Posted on February 15 2021

A spaghetti strap bodysuit is typically a streetwear look. But it hinges on how you incorporate it into your overall outfit. You will find celebrities wearing it with denim cut-offs. Then, they pair it with rounded glasses. 

spaghetti strap bodysuit

Why Wear Spaghetti Strap Bodysuit

A bodysuit is a one-piece garment that looks like a one-piece bathing suit. But it comes in different styles. One style is spaghetti strapped. It can function as a shirt. But women love it because they can easily tuck it in, regardless of the bottom they choose. What’s great about it is that it can lift you up. Plus, it works perfectly as a base for any type of outfit you pick. Another thing about a bodysuit is that it works well with shirts, shorts, pants, and skirts. Any bottom will do. Plus, you can style it to make it a casual outfit or wear it like a professional model. No matter what you pair it with, you will look glamorous and sexy. If you wish to go casual, opt for a simple style. The classic bodysuit will always look great with denim shorts. However, you can go for jogger pants or distressed jeans. For your shoes, you can choose sneakers or a heel. When you wear a bodysuit, you can wear it anywhere. Running for some errands? Just want to hang with your friends? Or you simply want to have brunch with your partner. The trick here is to always focus on keeping your look sleek. Even if it’s a spaghetti strap, you’ll still look professional in it by wearing a blazer or jacket. The bodysuit at Alvy Luxe can give you a professional outfit in the front but a party dress in the back. Once you are out of your office, make sure to remove your blazer and show off your spaghetti strap so you can be ready for your date night. 

Bodysuit to be a Cool Girl 

You can always turn to a bodysuit if you wish to appear as the cool girl in your group. When cool, it means sexy and versatile. Make sure that you have strategic coverage. When you’re heading to a bar, a bodysuit is a perfect outfit to choose from. But if you’re with a hot date, make sure to opt for a skirt or a pair of leather pants. Now after a hot date night with your partner, your bodysuit can function as sexy lingerie. It gives you a sexy base that your partner will surely love. Or if not, you can use it as a bathing suit when you’re out with your friends and go swim. 

Will Your Panty Lines be a Problem? 

They can be. However, you can fix that by opting for a thong. Or just go for a full-cut bottom. Are you convinced now that a bodysuit is versatile clothing you can have? If you are, then shop our spaghetti strap bodysuit today. Share your looks on social media. Pretty sure your friends will envy you. If you have further questions about the bodysuit, please give us a call or email us. 

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