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Bodysuit High Waist: How to Wear It?

Alvy Luxe

Posted on February 05 2021

Bodysuit high waist offers a feminine look. It’s also versatile because you can wear it with anything — pants, skirts or leggings. You’ll look good in them. One reason many women love to wear this clothing is that they can maintain a neat look. You can’t untuck it. Should you decide to wear a bodysuit with outerwear, make sure to leave it unzipped or unbuttoned. 

Bodysuit high waist

Which Style is Ideal for Bodysuit High Waist? 

As mentioned, this garment is versatile enough you can wear it with anything. If you want a trendy style, go for a ruffled style or turtleneck one. 

Wear it with a Blazer 

You can wear blazers over your bodysuit. It won’t matter if the suit is simple or not. On another note, if you want to look classy with your bodysuit, then adding a blazer will give you that appearance. Blazers are great in flattering your body, no matter what type it is. But make sure to choose the right blazer color. Now, for the bottom, you can wear any type of jeans. Be they skinny, boyfriend, or high-waisted. You may also want tailored pants or skirts. But if you want to achieve a posh look, you should pair your bodysuit with strappy heels. However, if you’re planning to roll up your jeans, make sure to wear ankle boots or whatever you fancy. And don’t forget your clutch bag. 

Can You Wear Bodysuit with Mom Jeans? 

Yes, you can. That is if you want to achieve a baggy look. Keep in mind that mom jeans can be baggy. Mom jeans can give you a model-off-duty look. Even if you’re not a mom yet, mom jeans with a bodysuit will make you look more fashionable. However, if you’re a t-shirt kind of gal, opt for a turtleneck style. If you’re going for this look, you need to choose a fully fit bodysuit that you can find at Alvy Luxe. When you pair your bodysuit with your mom jeans, make sure that you roll up your jeans. This combination will help you look more fascinating. You can also pair it with ripped mom jeans. But make sure to wear heels for a more feminine look. On the other hand, if you want to appear more laid back, wearing sneakers would do. For an edgier appearance, boots can be great too. How about a belt? A belt or beltless will look good on you when you wear a bodysuit. 

Tailored Pants

The bodysuit will also look great when you pair it with tailored pants. But opt for a simple bodysuit if you wish to achieve a more feminine look. You can also wear it as an office attire by going for tailored pants. You won’t just look professional but you’ll also look chic because of this combination. But opt for a plain bodysuit so you won’t violate your dress code in the office. 

Shop for Bodysuit 

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